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The Sonora Desert Museum is a must! We go there nearly every time we head out to Tucson.

I'm having a great time following your blog; keep them coming! This trip is amazing!

Casey G.

Sue and Don Dinsmore

It has been fantastic to "travel"along with you . I just love it.HOw do you all cope with all the "stuff" of moving all the time? Your adventures and book readings aare inspiring.......God bless and hug the IDnsmores for us when you get there. Love,

Denise Vermilya

Hey everyone,
We all loved the picture of Micah in the hat. Did you buy it? We also saw that Katie was sporting her nice new camera in the market which said to the people at the markets "I AM A RICH AMERICAN AND I NEED 20 MAGNETIC BRACELETS. Wow! It sounds like you have seem more things in a week than we have seen in several years. What an amazing trip. Congrats to Craig. Now he can relax and not calculate how much each night cost in the camper! :) Glad you liked the book about Aunt Clara Brown. So Sue, did you cry as you were reading when she found her daughter and they were both lying in the mud? I bawled at that point. Well, I'm kind of relieved you aren't going by mule into the canyon. I had visions of a misstep of some old mule. So now since the boys didn't get permits to hike down and you girls aren't going in, perhaps you need to go to the new glass thing overhanging the canyon. Yes, I would like a few pictures from there. Can we make requests on what kind of pictures we want to see. Tyler wanted to see Daniel. Luke got some good pictures of Leah and there were a few of Elizabeth. Could you capture a few pictures of how much you miss us. :) Maybe a few of what you think WE'RE doing.
Glad you guys are having fun.


Hey Everyone...Surprised?...recieved "The Jeffery Times" today...and we had to check out your travels...how exciting!!!
What a wonderful way to "peak" into your adventures...You keep writing and we'll keep reading!!

Love to all,
Elaina and Gang


Hey Everyone...Surprised?...recieved "The Jeffery Times" today...and we had to check out your travels...how exciting!!!
What a wonderful way to "peak" into your adventures...You keep writing and we'll keep reading!!

Love to all,
Elaina and Gang


"Is there no one on this planet who can even keep up with me and my family!?"

-famous quote from C (or soon to be)



Hi Sue and gang! Thanks SO much for the annual family letter! We have MUCH to catch up on. :) OK, now I'm "hooked" on following your family trek out West. Enjoy, and you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. It should be a blast! What an adventure of a lifetime!
All is fine here in NH. Cool, but pretty. Homeschooling is going fine. Brad Jr. just completed his first year at Norwich University in VT for Criminal Justice. He's currently at Army Basic Training for 4 months, then he'll be tranfering to Liberty University with the same major. Josh is 16...what can I say. Um...I love him, and he's my wild child...prodigal son. :) Sam is 9, and a joy, currently lamenting over copying his final draft of a tarantual report. :) That's it. 3 for me.
Hubby is fine. He's been laid off from employment, so we're seeing what God has next for us! What's your email address?
Perhaps we'll get to meet up next time you're in New England.
Carpe Diem! Enjoy these moments that our Lord has given to you with your family.
Kris and the Wise gang in New Hampshire (where my lilacs are yet to bloom, but the rest of the perennials are gorgeous)

The Vermilya's

Hey all.
Hope you are enjoying the Grand Canyon. We are waiting for an update to hear all about it.
From Luke:" WHo am I talking to? I'll talk to Leah. THank you for the card. Can I send you one? Please tell me an address.(At first he said "Tell me an address and then he asked me to say "please") Where are you? I want to see you soon. Bye, Luke

From Tyler: Hi, Daniel! Hope you're having a good time in the Grand Canyon. We made a "beep" at the creek and the whole other side of the creek dried up. While we were doing that, we found two ring snakes and the next day I found a gardner snake under the gutter. Then the next two days, Drew found 4 more snakes. So, I hope you have a good time. What kind of bird did you shoot? OK Good bye. Tyler

From Madison: (Madison is being shy and not knowing what to say....). "I'm not shy, mama!!!!!!" I'm glad you didn't ride donkeys down into the Grand Canyon because I was afraid you were going to fall to your deaths. I hope none of you are afraid of heights. I would walk down into the canyon with the boys but never would I ride a donkey! I would ride a horse down (Is she crazy???:) And none less than a white horse with braids with pink ribbons. (She was sane when she woke up, I don't know what has happened in the last few hours!!!) (She is blaming it on standardized testing...her insanity). Did ya'll see the Colorado River? That's all. Madison

OK , You can see that the kids are in rare form. I think they are soooo excited to see Indiana Jones tomorrow that they are losing their minds. Madison has gotten it into her brain (which I think she has lost recently) that she wants to go to the midnight show and possibly dress up as Indiana Jones (according to Tyler but Madison is vehemently denying it) . Of course, Brian falls asleep at any show and it is WAY past Luke's bedtime, so we'll see what show we actually attend. Let's see, what can we report on that would be interesting. I had an encounter with a HUGE snapping turtle in our neighborhood and as I was approaching him, he JUMPED at me and snapped his head out. I thought I was a goner. I screamed and ran back to my car. Thank goodness I was by myself because it was a bit embarassing but now all of you know. Luke has a bump on his toe that he claims is keeping him from doing his math. REally! We saw Prince Caspian and loved it. Madison liked it better than the first one. Tyler is going to Football Camp and Luke is most likely going to get an expander in the next few weeks. Madison thinks that losing a spacer in her mouth 3 times is worthy of mentioning (for reasons unknown to me). My kids think that I am insane and wanted to let you know that I am again back on my addiction of diet coke. Our poolis about to open(that is BIG news around here).
Hope you are doing well. Know we are praying and look forward to hearing from you.

The Vermilya's

Madison just told me after reading our post "I am so writing my own next time. Meaning, no comments from mom.

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